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Have you ever noticed that the more you try to tell someone what to do, the more they seem to rebel? Whether you’re a helicopter parent, a boss who is guilty of constant micromanaging, or just a general control freak, there’s a reason why trying to run people with an iron fist always seems to encourage strong pushback. But for now, we’re talking specifically about when the government seeks to control our lives.

The more governments try to control citizens’ lives, the more freedom the citizens lose, and the more society is crippled. Why doesn’t a government-mandated “utopia” ever work? Because it always suppresses creativity and incentive for business owners and entrepreneurs—the movers and shakers who provide jobs and make investments into communities—which leads to damage to the economy at large.

The Evil of Governmental Certification Requirements

One of the methods of control that governments burden the population with is requiring an ever-growing number of certifications for people to work or teach in a wide variety of industries. While having the necessary skills to work a technical job or to teach others how to complete specific tasks is a very good thing, every time government gets involved, the process becomes unwieldy and inefficient.

When you look at history, the vast majority of the super great people who are responsible for a society and economy that is growing progressively more wealthy and prosperous were never “certified.” They learned from mentors, gathered as much relevant information as possible, and worked through a lot of trial-and-error. Once they had it figured out, they taught their children or students or mentees what they had learned. There was never a need for governmental certifications along with the vast alphabet soup of programs and departments that create and oversee these controls.

These days, the creation of long lists of required certifications creates plenty of roadblocks and obstacles, many of them the nonsensical result of a growing bureaucracy and the red tape that comes along with it.

Less Government Oversight Equals More Freedom and Prosperity

So what kind of braindead thinking does it take to believe that if we demand more control over peoples’ behavior the better the results we’ll get? While it may seem on the surface that more government control is a good thing, it turns out to be exactly the opposite. In fact, increasing governmental control halts progress by assigning parameters in which to control outcomes. Growth, then, becomes stifled because of these artificial parameters, which also ends up limiting our freedom to be creative.

The Free Market: the Perfect System for Freedom

There is one system that is so perfect and so pristine that, when allowed to flourish without governmental meddling, provides optimal opportunities for wealth and prosperity for all: the free market. The free market is a market that automatically rewards the creators of products and services that people are willing to trade their hard-earned money for and punishes the creators of products and services for which no one has an interest. Businesses that provide desirable products do well and those business models and products that do not will fail and disappear.

Only fools are arrogant enough to mess with a system that has always proven to work for anyone humble and determined enough to create something that appeals to people who have money to spend. The greedy and arrogant (who always gravitate toward political power and governmental control positions) have messed with and practically destroyed this great natural equalizer. Appointing bureaucrats to “guide” and “certify” the free market has only ever done great damage to the economy. Do constant bailouts of “too big to fail” businesses ring a bell?

In a free market economy, businesses that are creating products or services no one wants or which are defrauding the public will almost always be exposed, and the market forces will put them out of business in short order. When government gets involved, however, big businesses that should have failed instead get supported with taxpayer money if they have lobbyists who can grease the right congressional wheels. These bailouts and other governmental manipulations of the free market create bubbles and encourage corruption and incompetency that end up hurting everyone.

Unfortunately, when the public sees a business defrauding its customers, it often turns to government to create a solution instead of trusting free market forces and the courts to take care of it. This just exacerbates the skewing and meddling with the free market.

Another repercussion of having an ill-informed public turn to government for solutions that should be left to the free market is that businesses end up asking the government for more certification standards to protect themselves from lawsuits.

A big business that fails certainly causes hardships for the families who lose jobs and the communities they served, but who is the bureaucracy to say what people are or are not capable of? As difficult as these kinds of circumstances are, what comes out of them is a far stronger, more educated, more capable public, and many more tax dollars for the government if bureaucrats could only grow brains big enough to think with and get out of the way of progress.

It is those kinds of struggles that educate us: to learn from our experiences and solve problems so they never return. Never underestimate the resilience, creativity and power of people to create miracles from disasters. Problems create the most fertile soil for much bigger and improved harvests in the future. If the government doles out hand-outs (bail-outs), it has the exact same effect as spoiling your teenagers and then wondering why they grow up irresponsible. It is, however, a great ploy for governments to continue to rob their citizens of more and more freedoms.

The Solution

As long as people are willing to hand over their freedoms in exchange for the illusion of security the government offers, we’ll just have more of the same. What we need is for people to desire freedom and cherish a free market that isn’t manipulated and deformed by government intervention—even if the government claims it is for our collective good. You will never hear a bigger lie than that.

While it might take a while for the majority of people to learn this important lesson, you, as an individual, can make a start. And you can make a difference. I want to help you learn where to turn to for the kind of education that will help you not only in this area but in all areas of your life.

So stay tuned, and you will learn how to win back your freedoms. Together, we’ll explore how you can not only survive but thrive in a free and responsible society where there are no poor among us.

Note: Why do I call myself a “certified professional speaker” when I have so many negative things to say about mandatory governmental certification and regulations? Because I don’t have to go to the government or any other organization for that matter to get certified as someone who can effectively teach and explain the principles of success and problem-solving. My certifications come from experience and education from many of the world’s wisest mentors and from practical application, not from completing some bureaucratic test or program, which would only relegate me to a second-rate copycat instead of a free agent in a free market, willing to maximize my own gifts for the greatest benefits of myself and all those around me. Come join me, and together we will create a better world.