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Motivational Speaker Seattle: Jersey Bulls, Bullies, and ISIS

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Most people in the cattle industry will tell you that, by nature, pure-bred Jersey bulls—even though they are not as big as other breeds—are some of the most unpredictable, mean-spirited, and nasty of all the domestic bulls. They are chock-full of testosterone, they’re hotheaded, and quick to challenge anyone or anything that enters their space.

I’ve seen them charge without any provocation from the far side of a multi-acre pasture to chase out or trample an intruder simply to prove they are superior. They are hard-wired that way. Most often, they would rather run over you and trample you into the dirt than look at you. I’ve even seen them challenge tractors and farm equipment much larger than themselves.

Because I was the sixth of 12 children, my dad and older brothers, who were a lot bigger, older, and more experienced than I, typically dealt with the bulls. Still, I learned a lot from watching and hearing about how to deal with them.

As a motivational speaker in Seattle, I often tell this story: it was dusk as I squeezed through the rails of the corral fence. I was in the sixth grade and on a half-trot, taking a shortcut to help one of my brothers with some chores, when I suddenly heard that all-too familiar snorting and stomping. This corral was usually empty and I didn’t realize that a bull was here. I stopped dead in my tracks before spinning on my heels to find myself face-to-face with a very cantankerous bull. I was close enough to instantly feel the warm, moist steam from his nostrils.

I was a super scrawny kid—always the smallest in my school classes, and often mistaken for being younger than I was. Here in the corral with an angry bull, my mind raced, and my body was frozen with fear.

That proved to be a good thing. If I had tried to run, that bull would have caught me and pummeled me into the ground before I could have jumped back through the fence. As he snorted, he threw his big head up and down. I remember thinking, “Wow, his is head is as big as me!”

I had heard all the scary stories and had strict instructions to avoid those bulls without being in the company of someone older than me. Luckily, I had also heard about the best ways to deal with them: that I could never give them the slightest indication that I might be afraid. If they were charging, I’d better run; but if not, I better stand my ground. Otherwise, I would end up hurt or even dead. Not only that, but it would make the bull even more aggressive the next time someone else had to deal with him.

Even though I was shaking in my boots, my bluff was good enough as I stared him straight in the eyes, leaned a little towards him, and with as authoritative a tone as my pre-pubescent voice could muster, started to shout, “Back off, you big bully, back off!” as I slowly inched my way to the fence and climbed back through the rails. The moment I realized I was safe on the other side, my entire body began to shake hard, and all the strength evaporated from my body so that I had to sit down to keep from collapsing.

In order to control the bigger and meaner bulls, we would put a big ring in their nose with a chain hanging from it. We could lead them and keep them under control with that chain, and they respected it. If they got out of line, even a little, quick jerk on the chain was usually enough to bring them back to their senses.

Many people might think that controlling a bull with a ring and chain is inhumane, but I guarantee that not one of those people has ever dealt with a few hundred pounds of cantankerous, ornery bull before. In fact, those nose rings and chains have blessed as many bulls’ lives as people’s lives. If a bull goes undisciplined, it is going to hurt someone. If not corrected, he will become “rogue,” and when that happens, no one is ever safe anywhere around that bull again. He will go far out of his way to hurt you—even kill you—and he won’t care about your feelings on the matter. Sadly, it isn’t even the bull’s fault; it is your fault if you do not make sure the bull is trained and taught to respect people, and, thus, you have openly encouraged him to indulge and build upon his naturally vicious disposition.

Once a bull has gone rogue, it is extremely difficult—if not impossible—to change him, and, often, the risks are simply too great. The only reasonable thing to do at that point is either to kill him or castrate him, and once either of those things happens, his value is virtually lost. You certainly couldn’t let a rogue bull go free because he would intentionally hurt anyone or anything that ever—even accidentally—entered his space.

So we use those rings and chains because it is the best way to save the bulls and ourselves. When you train a bull to treat you with respect, you can both live together in harmony. If you do not train a bull to respect you, it will become uncontrollable, the bull will go rogue, and then neither one of you is safe. It’s far better to rein him in from the beginning; just like children.

Motivational Speaker Seattle: The word “Bully”

It was always obvious to me that the word bully that our school systems have become so obsessed with over the past few years stems from a bull’s natural temperament. Some people are naturally full of testosterone and have more of a tendency toward bad attitudes, to not learn how to think through a situation or control their tempers. If left undisciplined, they will begin to turn rogue and quickly escalate to do virtually anything to intimidate or inflict physical harm on others in order to prove that they are superior. They are desperate to control and keep others in line, or, failing that, to trample them into the ground. Just like a rogue bull.

Contrary to public opinion, no additional laws, policies, political correctness movements, gun control efforts, and attempts to stop bullying of any kind will ever stop it. Furthermore, it is completely stupid to even dream that it might. All those attempts to reason with truly bullish people will ultimately fail and actually cause them to be worse. Also in the process, you will only make a bunch of pansies, crybabies, and victims out of our citizens and their children, which simply compounds the problem from both ends. Only by facing your own fears and standing up to bullies and saying “No more—at any cost!” will you ever be able to convince a bully to back down and get yourself out of their control.

Only by learning to face your own fears and discover the right formulas to hold bullies accountable will you ever be free from them. I’ll say that in another way: only you can stop bullying! No one else ever has the capacity to stop it from happening to you.

Seattle Motivational Speaker: ISIS

A perfect example of this is how our current administration is foolishly trying to deal with ISIS. You have to understand that ISIS is nothing more than a bunch of rogue bullies. Also understand that this is not like a normal war. ISIS is not a country we can just go conquer and control. This is a war of ideology, and the only way to fight a bad ideology is with a much higher and more powerful ideal. If you simply use brute force out of revenge or anger or because you feel bad for the victims, then you have only lowered yourself to their barbarian mindset. In addition, you have also just given the bullies more power and control over you. This war can only be won by putting a ring and a chain in their noses and teaching them by example that, while we do not want to use the ring and chain, we will in a heartbeat if they ever even look like they might try to usurp anyone else’s freedoms. Sometimes, that means going to war, killing people, and bringing them to their knees—no matter what it takes.

People can say whatever they want about the horrors of war and what might be humane or inhumane, but when you fight a group like ISIS, understand that they will use whatever means necessary to win. People like that are the ultimate bullies in the world. They have been allowed to get away with so much evil that they have gone rogue, largely because our current establishment has enabled them. They will never fight by the rules, and if you try to use rules to fight them, that is simply the height of stupidity. That kind of ridiculous thinking (which is not thinking at all) will only make them stronger and you weaker while also making it less possible for you to make any reasonable progress to resolve anything. They will lie and cheat and stab you in the back every chance they get because they hate you and will do anything to gain the upper hand so that they can control or kill you—and simply for the pleasure of it

Motivational Speaker Seattle: Peaceful Resolution

So what does it take to come up with a peaceful resolution? The first thing you better have is powerful, principle based ideas for solutions, be willing to listen carefully to everyone else involved and understand their underlying intentions. You must make it absolutely clear that you will never be moved from your core win-win-win principles and if they are of the same mind, a solution is inevitable, if not, it will not happen because you will never compromise your ethical values. That is the only foundation that will create respect for you.

Second you must have armed services that are so powerful that any would-be enemy will know for a fact that you could wipe them out if you chose to, and that fighting against you is pointless. Finally, you must prove beyond question that you have integrity and are absolutely true to your word. Then promise to evoke predetermined consequences far greater than the offenses they might plan or execute—not out of cruelty, revenge, or anger, but simply because that is the only possible way to keep them from taking away your agency and harming you and others you love and care about. Anything less will only increase the danger to yourself and those you love.

You must muster up your own courage and intelligence and take proactive measures against bullies by putting a ring and chain in their noses, or they will, without remorse, continue to harm and even torture and kill those you love. After that, you deal with them on a consistent basis so that at the first indication that they have ill intentions, they know there are fearsome designated consequences that are worse than the harm that they wish to cause.

The good thing about fighting human bullies is that, unlike animals with natural tendencies, these are human beings who can be taught generation upon generation and reprogrammed by dealing with you.

Just as no one else can solve your problems, none of the new laws and policies and demands you make on others will ever stop bullying. Only you can stop bullying for you. You cannot stop it for anyone else, and no one else can stop it for you. You, personally, must learn how to deal with bullies and learn to keep them in their place by being immovable from your principles. Over time, you can create an environment around yourself that will stop any other person from any other paradigm from trying to bully you. King Solomon and Ronald Reagan provided two of my favorite examples where they made that happen.

So wake up. The key to stopping bullying is not in brute force, but by loving others enough to hold them accountable—sometimes with force, as in dealing with violent bullies—until they discover that

  • They have intrinsic value
  • You love them
  • You are not their enemy
  • You will do anything to have harmony
  • You will do anything to protect those you love
  • You will even protect them and their freedoms as long as they never try to take freedoms from others
  • They have nothing to fear from you as long as they do not try to control you and take away your agency, and, in fact, have a lot to gain from you by working with you in a win-win manner.

You must walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to bullies. A bluff may get you out of trouble a time or two, but life and time will find and exploit your lack of integrity if you are not consistent when dealing with the bulls and bullies of this world.

There are no motivational speakers in Seattle, or anywhere else in the country for that matter who teach what I teach in the ways I teach them. So if you want to help effect, the most powerful and guaranteed change for good, join us @ SolveEveryProblem.com. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you.

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